Hedley Homes are proud to showcase their 7 steps to building your dream home or investment sooner, our streamlined administration and approval process means your new home is ready to be built sooner saving you time and money in reduced rent, storage and associated costs. You’ll feel informed and involved in each stage of the design, costing and administration process.


Meet your Home Building Consultant
You meet one of our Home Building Consultants where we jot down your needs and requirements of your custom built home. This is where we uncover all of the details which are important to you within designing and building your home.


Design & Costing phase
Within our comprehensive Specifications, you can add other features to your building plan. These are all documented in writing. During this design and costing phase you’ll be well informed on what is included with your house build; this is so you understand what is included within your quotation so that it meets your requirements.


Preparation of Building Plans
The complete documentation is complied and we arrange for a licensed Surveyor to confirm the Lot boundaries and ascertain the location of essential services such as power, water & sewerage. Our contracted Structural Engineer will prepare a Site Classification otherwise known as a Soil Test so that we can start preparing footing design to suit your new home.


Colours & Selections process
Your home building consultant then arranges a time to meet with you to start selecting your chosen colours and fine tuning the specifications for your new home. They will go through each room and elevation with you to ensure that the plans meet all of your requirements. The plans are then certified and the Building Contract signed.


Administration Phase
Our administration team will gather all of your building plans, specifications & colour selections that have been chosen by you and stay in touch with you over the process of organizing the energy efficiency star rating & lodging your plans for council approval. By now our project managers will have started organizing purchase orders for our sub-contractors & suppliers so that we are ready to start construction once the council approval has been given on your building plans.


Approval & Organizing Insurances
Our administration team will follow up with the statutory bodies to ensure that approval has been sorted promptly. Once all the approvals have been received, we are now ready to start the construction process.


Construction commences on your new home
When the construction process begins, you will have direct access to your Building Supervisor and because Hedley Homes only have a limited number of jobs to manage, you will be kept well-informed during the construction process.